About Me

"Omar Yunes has a proven concept and an enthusiasm for offering his transforming approach to people seeking real results. Omar Yunes, CEO and 54D ‘alumni', met Garduo after the program and they joined to bring the concept to Miami. Yunes explained how the 54D movement is challenging a $100 billion worldwide economy.

“I discovered 54D six years ago in Mexico City,” Yunes added. “I wanted to get fitter and healthier but didn't want to go to a gym. I was wounded running a marathon and had to get back in shape. Someone told me about a new, classified initiative. I got a private email and asked for more details. After an interview to ascertain my goals, intents, and expectations, I was accepted.”

Yunes, like many others, saw considerable results. He saw an opportunity. Yunes, a multi-franchise restaurant owner and real estate investor, joined with Garduo shortly after moving to Miami in 2016.

“He's an athlete with vision, passion, and ambition, and I have business experience,” Yunes said of combining his and Garduo's talents to build the brand. “I started out as an investor. In 2018, I bought out his Mexican partners and became CEO. The Miami site debuted in February 2019 after eleven months of permission with Coral Cables and redesigning the plan.